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Machteld Monchy (Nickname: Matty) is a Belgian artist born in 1952.  During her childhood she noticed she had a natural talent for drawing, shaping and design. She enrolled at the art academy at the age of 15.  There she learned the different drawing techniques and the art of using colour.  She learned mostly about realism; reproducing models (nudes), landscapes and still life which characterises the beginning of her career.

Matty was looking for her own signature style.  She loves sunny, bright colours and is drawn to subjects with a soul; Especially people, the eyes, particularly when they got something to say.  Matty is also drawn to movement, people going about their daily lives, working, laughing or caring for a child.

She began experimenting with pastels, this allowed her to use violent tones in heavy contrast which she immediately loved.  Pastels became her technique by preference.

This love for bright colours naturally guided her to more exotic subjects: people from Latin America and Asia.  “La vida es un carnaval” is the drawing in the homepage of this website, inspired by the Carnaval in Guatemala.

Matty gets her inspiration from her travels, she also lived in France and the Dominican Republic (besides her home country of Belgium of course) and now recently moved to Marbella Spain.

In the course of her career, Matty held several expositions and participated at competitions and auctions.  She keeps on learning about new techniques during traineeships.

Matty will continue her journey in Marbella with her passion for bright colours, movement, animals, faces. and who knows what else...

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9. Felt hats.jpg

Matty in the press

Over the years Matty organised various art expositions and participated at traineeships and competitions.  

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